Welcome, or should we say, "kia ora".This web site is not intended to be a comprehensive view of places in New Zealand but rather a brief and fun overview including places around the world that you may like to visit-from a New Zealanders perspective. It's all about introducing a range of interesting things to see, experience, taste and enjoy in a specific area. We offer inside, local knowledge from people who have "been there, done that" in our short previews of each location.

We wanted a web page that tells you what you could see and do while on a short break somewhere in New Zealand or the world. The places featured might be close to where you live or further away. We tell you where you can stay, what's on and how to get there and, all importantly, the feedback on the place from fellow visitors. Our rundown of where to go and what to see will grow over time to cover all New Zealand and further afield.

nztrip4u.com is a simple page so you can plan your visit before you leave home, taking the worrying out of travelling somewhere new. It's a site that lets you know what towns are within an easy 4 hour drive (in NZ only at present), places you may never have thought of exploring, or conversely always wanted to go see, but which happen to be closer than you think.

We are a husband and wife team based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand with a background in print media, graphics, marketing and computers. We like to travel and share our ideas with you. As we are fully independent, our reviewers are free to comment on anything they like.

The success of our site depends on your participation. Please test drive it, give us your feedback and help promote nztrip4u.com by word-of -mouth to your friends and business collegues. In short, spread the word! If you have a web page you are welcome to put us on your page as a link.

We welcome any thoughts or suggestions from you about our site.

Kind regards,

Cyndy and Peter,



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